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New Years resolution 2014

When I was walking the dog this morning I made my New Years resolution, I am going to notice myself more often.( ‘more often’ gives me freedom of choice as I am not setting any parameters.)
You might ask what “notice myself” means. It is noticing how I’m moving or carrying out an action, such as walking, washing up or watching TV, at any moment.
As I was out this morning walking along a particularly rough and slippery path I found I was looking down just in front of me. My immediate response was ‘I need to do that so I don’t fall’, but lifted my head anyway, knowing this was not the case and I could just lower my eyes to see instead, only to discover that a few moments later I was doing the same again!
So I thought ‘what is the relationship of my head and neck joint to my sit bones?’
That momentary stop in my thinking and noticing what I was doing was enough for me to change my balance and to walk easily with my eyes freely moving around so I could see the beautiful countryside around me and where I was walking.
Happy new year to you, and I hope you enjoy your discoveries!