As the Alexander Technique is something you learn to help you in everyday life, as opposed to a therapy or treatment, we called the sessions “lessons”.

I run my practice from my home in Blagdon, North Somerset, where I give private lessons. Most lessons are on a 1 to 1 basis, though occasionally 2 family members or close friends share a lesson.

I work with you in everyday activities such as sitting, standing, bending and walking, and also lying down in semi-supine. As time goes on pupils bring ideas and activities that they wish to work with to the lessons. These vary from reading to driving, playing a musical instrument to sweeping the floor.


Alexander Technique desk work computer writing stress free

Alexander Technique allows stress free working at a desk, writing or at a computer

Neck ache stiffness sewing knitting crafts reading Alexander technique

Neck and shoulder aches are common whilst sewing , knitting or reading. The Alexander Technique helps release it.

“You are not here to do exercises or to learn how to do something right, but to become able to meet a stimulus that always puts you wrong and to learn how to deal with it.”

     F M Alexander

I teach the principles of the Technique with verbal instructions and my hands gently guiding you, enabling you to experience a better co-ordination and poise. Through experience and increased awareness you learn to change long-standing habits, let go of unnecessary tensions and make the best of what you have.

All lessons are taught fully clothed. They are suitable for any one of any age or physical fitness.  There are no special exercises or equipment used.

Alexander Technique Somerset

Most semi-supine work is on the treatment table but sometimes we work on the floor

  • The first introductory lesson is 1 hour and costs £38
  • Subsequent lessons  are 40-45 minutes and cost £30

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