Your Way to Well Being

Nowadays, living our busy lives, we often feel overwhelmed and stressed both in body and mind.

Jane Morris and Belinda May

Jane Morris and Belinda May

It seems that we don’t have enough time. We cannot make choices in our lives and neglect ourselves and our well being.

I have teamed up with Jane Morris, a fellow Alexander Technique teacher, to offer a course that gives you the tools to find a way to tackle these challenges.

This 5 week course, Your Way to Well Being, puts you on the road to manage the stresses of life and so live with ease, less effort and more joy.

 Using the principles of the Alexander Technique and applying them to everyday activities we will explore how to:

  • become aware of yourself and gain more balance
  • connect with your support
  • learn more about your habits and responses
  • take these learning’s into activity
  • give yourself the gift of ease, choice and time

Our next practical, fun and interactive 5 week Your Way to Well Being courses, using the core principles of the Alexander Technique, is suitable for anyone, if you know nothing about the Alexander Technique want a refresher course

Belinda: or  01761 463385

Jane :   or  07775 430877

Discovering the value of  'semi-supine', a way to release tension and rest.

Discovering the value of ‘semi-supine’, a way to release tension and rest.

 Texting without 'text neck'Texting without ‘text neck’

 If you would like us to run our informative and practical course for your group or at your work place –   please contact   

We also offer taster sessions for companies, free of charge (expenses requested), with the view to a follow on day workshop or a series of lunch and learn sessions for employees. These workshops are tailored to suit the employees working environment, whether it be a desk and computer orientated job or active employment involving heavy lifting .

For businesses within a 20 mile radius of Bristol we can offer the workshop as 5 one hour sessions instead.


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