Cycle with Ease

Cycling-cyclist-clipart-free-images-3LEARN TO CYCLE WITH EASE

Do you suffer pain when you cycle?

Stiff neck and shoulders
aching back or knees
sore or painful wrists

 Could your performance be better but don’t know how to improve?

Cycling is a whole person activity. We need a fit, strong body and mental agility to maximize performance.

Spot the difference - riding position transformed.

Spot the difference – riding position transformed. Photo taken at the Bristol Cycle Festival Workshop


  • Learn body awareness in action 

  •  Understand body mechanics to maximize performance                                                          

  • Learn body mindfulness to manage mental fatigue                                                                      

  • Discover which movement patterns contribute to recurring pain and how to change it.

I have Coming forward on your sitbonesrun practical cycling workshops to help riders to move more efficiently and effectively on their bikes

At the workshop you’ll learn a method, based on the Alexander Technique, that enables your mind and body to work in harmony, allowing for efficient and pain free movement.

Release tension in your neck

Release tension in your neck


The workshops are 3 hours long, starting inside and then taking your new knowledge out onto the road on your bike .

I run workshops for cycling clubs or groups in Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucester areas, but are happy to travel further afield.  If you and a group of friends or work colleagues want to discover more ease in your cycling I am happy to come and run a cycling workshop for you.

For more information contact me on

Comments from a past participant:

“My painful knee tendons had been getting worse by the mile making long rides impossible and hills out of the question. But with concentrated awareness that comes with Alexander Technique, I was able to change the way I was using my muscles.  Then hey presto! the pain has magically gone, no matter how far I ride – up hill or down dale.”


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