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Jane Morris and Belinda May

Jane Morris and Belinda May

Move with more ease and less pain and stiffness

This introductory course is designed anyone especially if you have no knowledge or experience of the Alexander Technique, and is run by Belinda May and Jane Morris

During this practical and interactive 5 week Your Way to Well Being course you will explore everyday activities.   You will learn how using the principles of the Alexander Technique, you can move with more ease, freedom, balance and less pain.

Evening course starting Monday 5th November at 7pm

This course will be run in Redland, Bristol.   Using the principles of the Alexander Technique it  will teach you how to:

  • become aware of yourself and gain more balance
  • connect with your support
  • learn more about your habits and responses
  • take these learning’s into activity
  • give yourself the gift of ease, choice and time

Cost: Single bookings £60 for the course

For more information see YOUR WAY TO WELL BEING page, and to book your place contact

Belinda:  or  01761 463385

Jane :   or  07775 430877



“Listening Below the Surface”

Our bodies are designed for movement. We’re always picking up on the flow of energy in and around us. As AT teachers we’re well aware of this fact. Cooperating with this process is an ever-deepening journey.

Come and explore Listening Below the Surface…. with Belinda May

In this workshop my aim is to reinforce confidence and reignite curiosity by exploring areas such as:

Listening to the ‘music’ and rhythms beneath our hands and the words that are spoken.

Refining our receptive information gathering ability – hands; eyes; ears

Activity: exploring the quality of our hands as we guide and offer information

Clarity: how clarity of attention (inhibition) increases sensitivity

When: Sunday 18th November 2018

Where: Faithspace Redcliffe, Prewett Street, Bristol

Who for: Teachers.

Numbers: max 10 people

Time: 10am – 2.30pm

Cost: £55 per person, £50 newly qualified teachers -  booking a place is essential
Please contact Belinda at   tel: 01761 463385

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