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Discover how the Alexander Technique can help you move with freedom, help with balance and improve your confidence in movement.

In the new year I am running an introductory courses are at the Yeo Valley HQ, Blagdon.

6 weekly sessions starting Monday 24th February 9.30-1030am  £70

Book your place and come and join us to find out how the Technique can help with your neck and back pain, and improve your posture.

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Introductory courses for the Alexander Technique are available on request. Together with my colleague Jane Morris, I offer sessions to help with overcoming the problems associated to desk bound work, problems encountered by Dental Practitioners and our Well Being course.

Lying in 'semi-supine' at one of our courses. Everone's favourite activity

Lying in ‘semi-supine’ at one of our courses. Everyone’s favorite activity

For cycling workshops see Cycle with Ease page.

Belinda: or  01761 463385

Jane :   or  07775 430877



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