Alexander Technique lifting carrying back ache shoulder ache strength

Carrying heavy bags, such as the shopping, can strain our arms, shoulders and back. Coordinating our whole self reduces such problems.

Physical aches and pains are eased and movement becomes more fluid and balanced.

The Technique helps you to have clarity of mind, it gives you time to think and make decisions bringing a calmness to you.

Sports and other performers can reduce the risk of injury and greatly improve their performance.

When you learn to apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to your life you will experience many benefits.

As I work with the whole person, their mind and body, it has wide ranging benefits and helps sufferers of many conditions including Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia and dyslexia.

 “If you stop doing the wrong thing, the right will do itself.”     F M Alexander

With ease of movement, increased co-ordination and poise the Alexander Technique can help to bring relief to:

Neck, shoulder and backaches and pains


Stress and tensions

Breathing problems and disorders





Stage fright


Public speaking

Rehabilitation after injury or illness

High blood pressure

It is helpful during pregnancy and childbirth.

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