Release Tension and Improve Posture


"For in the mind of man lies the secret for his ability to resist, to conquer and finally to govern the circumstances of his life"

 - F M Alexander



The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique teaches you how to notice your movements and thinking during  everyday activities.  You learn how to recognize and change your unhelpful habits that are frequently the root cause of many common ailments.

With busy lives we very rarely take time to stop and notice how we move or what we are thinking – other than the next thing to do. Muscles tighten unnecessarily, poor posture, stress and habits take over.

Do you notice how you move? Usually only when something goes wrong and suffer some discomfort or pain.

Often co-ordination and freedom to move easily is affected, you no longer feel calm, confident or balanced but stressed and uncomfortable.

Learning the Alexander Technique will enable you to change how you move. You will become aware of your whole self, both your mind and body, and be able to move more in line with how you are designed to move.

F.M. Alexander discovered that the relationship of our head, neck and back is all important to easy balance and movement.


With "bad posture" you start to put tensions on all of your body, your mind and balance are affected too.  Joints and muscles start to ache, perhaps you do not sleep well and feel stressed. Learning the skills of the Alexander Technique will enable you to reverse that unhelpful pattern.

Belinda May

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As a posture and movement specialist I have helped people, with neck and back pain and stress, change how they sit, stand and move. As you change posture and the way you move the root cause of these problems diminish.


I have taught the Alexander Technique since I qualified in 1999; having completed 3 years of training at the Bristol Alexander Technique Training School (BATTSA). I am now a non teaching member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT).   In 2015 I was elected to serve on the Council of STAT and from 2017-2021 I served as Chair.

I live  in Blagdon, North Somerset where I did run my private practice for 22 years. I was the assistant director at the Bristol Alexander School ( where I taught regularly, and took the anatomy sessions for18 years .

My first experience of the Technique was in 1986 when, having been inspired by a book I had been given, I decided to have some lessons. I discovered that by 'doing less' stopped my headaches, increased my balance and confidence.

As time goes on this fascination continues and my understanding of the Technique deepens. I love using the technique in my life and teaching it to others.

I now enjoy exploring how the Technique can be used to help cyclists, increasing endurance and strength without discomfort or pain.

"If you stop doing the wrong thing, the right will do itself"


- F M Alexander



At present I am not teaching, however I recommend you have some lessons.

To find a teacher near you visit

Your teacher will guide you with verbal instructions and gently hand contact enabling you to experience a better posture and coordination.

Through increased awareness and thought you learn to change long-standing habits, let go of unnecessary tensions and make the best of what you have.

All lessons are taught fully clothed. They are suitable for any one of any age or physical fitness.




If you fancy learning in a group find an introductory group courses or workshop.

Group sessions are a good way to get started, sharing your experiences, supporting each other  and discovering ways of learning that work for you.

The sessions are often to help with problems  associated with desk bound work, such as neck and back pain.





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